Specialty Programs

Specialty Insurance ProgramsWe Insure Oil Dealers

John M. Biggio Insurance services the needs of many of Massachusetts’ oil dealers. This large client pool allows us access to several different sources of oil dealer insurance which in turn allows us to tailor a policy that addresses your firms unique needs.

Contractors Are Insured At Biggio Insurance

Biggio Insurance as been servicing the needs of contractors for decades.  We understand the unique requirements of Massachusetts general contractors given the complexity of their business operations.  We have helped Massachusetts contractors with a wide assortment of risk sizes, types and special coverage needs. Our access to a variety of superior insurance coverages allows us get our Masachuessets contractor clients excellent values on these products whether they be for extensive liability coverage or wide ranging property coverage.

We Insure Condo Associations

Biggio Insurance offers a wide range of coverage for Condominium Associations. Each condominium development and its association is unique – we offer customized insurance policies. Typically, a condominium association covers both the physical premises and general liability coverage. Building Coverage provides protection for the condominium association’s facilities against certain causes of loss, including fire or wind. General Liability provides financial protection for your association (or a member of it) is the cause of property damage or bodily injury on premises. An example of this coverage – if a visitor to condominium association member slips and falls, then subsequently sues the whole association. We also recommend additional coverage for an association’s circumstance, which include Flood Coverage, Ordinance and Law Coverage, Crime Coverage, Water Back-up Coverage, Association Officer Coverage, Workmen’s Compensation, ‘All In’ or ‘Walls In’ Coverage and Umbrella Coverage. Call (617) 846-8600, email dme@biggioinsurance.com or fill out our Contact Us or Request Quotes form to learn more and get started today.